' Events - San Martiño Winery


CLUB MEMBER DAY. Dec 4th. Come to the winery and enjoy a tasting of two wines. The new Rousanne (yet to be released) and the new (yet to be released) Cabernet Sauvignon 2019. We will have an All American Hot Dog for $1/pp at 1:30 pm. On the way out, pick up your December Club Release. Select for Reservations

December 10 at 2 pm. Music: Hannah Rose

Sunday, Dec 18th at 1:30 pm. Holiday Lunch in the Event Center. Cioppino. The word “cioppino” comes from the Ligurian dialect “ciuppin” and means “chopped, torn to pieces”. This unfussy soup was consumed by mariners and port workers in taverns and inns around the Ligurian harbors. Ingredients: clams, shrimp, scallops, squid, mussels, fish, tomatoes, wine. Price: $25/pp. Club Price: $20/pp. Select for Reservations(No refunds or cancellations after December 4, 2022)

Saturday, Dec 24 at 6 pm. Holiday Winemaker's Dinner. Join us for a special Christmas Eve dinner at the winery. This is a limited-capacity dinner, and it will take place in our Tasting Room. The Winery will close at 5 pm and re-open for dinner guests at 6 pm. No substitutions. Dress – Holiday Cocktail. Price: $70/pp. Club Price: $56/pp. 
Select for Reservations (No refunds or cancellations after December 4, 2022)

Course 1: Caldo Verde. A traditional Portuguese soup made with potatoes, chouriço sausage, and thinly sliced collard greens or kale. Hearty, homey, and comforting.

Course 2: Paella Valenciana (non-seafood). Paella Valenciana is the traditional paella of the Valencia region, believed to be the original recipe, and consists of round-grain rice, bajoqueta and tavella (varieties of green beans), rabbit, pork, chicken, and garrofó (a variety of lima or butter bean). All are cooked in olive oil and chicken broth.