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Visit Reservations

ReservationsPlease make sure you read and understand our safety information for visiting. Please, no minors. All visits require a reservation.

Guests with reservations are welcome to bring a picnic. Liquids of any type are not allowed. All picnic items MUST fit in the table you reserve. Other tables need to be left available for additional guests.

As required by the Texas Governor mandate, all guests must wear a mask until they are sitting at a table. While sitting at a table, a face cover is not required. Masks are required to go indoors to use the restroom or to order wine.

The largest group we can accommodate outdoors is six (6). The largest group we can accommodate indoors is four (4). Reservations are required. Tables and chairs CAN'T be moved or rearranged. Use the Reservation button below or go to www.exploretock.com/sanmartinowinery to make a reservation.

Please call us at 972-772-6043 if you can't find a spot, sometimes we have cancellations that are not reflected in the reservation system.